Tripcode decoder (696)

153 Name: Anonymous 2005-08-03 09:51 ID:Ck/IPhf+ [Del]

Of course there is need to be ironic about something like this.
Thats way better than me being pissed off about it.

4cute is a proof-of-concept frontend, obviously designing userinterfaces is not my strong point.
and of course its keeping a local copy of the results, in the very same format used by 4dist, so i dont end up wasting cputime on cracking 8char cutetrips i supplied myself.

of course, anyone interested and having a x86 mmx cpu could just go grab the source, and waste their own cpu cycles on generating whatever amount of cutetrips they want.
if they were allowed to know where the source is.
not that it is hard to find without the direct link.
which just confirms again that "no legitimate use" is not exactly true, and deleting the link is pretty pointless.

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