Tripcode decoder (696)

131 Name: !WAhA.2piT6 2005-06-16 15:07 ID:+NnntG2W [Del]

regarding dictionary generators, i found there is little need to write any, since john has a -stdout option. very handy.
even without any wordlists, just using character-probability/distribution lists and making up words, this is far more effective than the raw bruteforce tries 4brute implements.
the benchmarking-list is about 6800 tripcodes grabbed from various boards, and using "john -i -stdout | 4brute-johnbs -i", 1GHz of cpu find solutions for more than 1000 of those within a minute.

but to not just be a smelly-creepy cracker, i did some work in the direction of wild-discovery ("searching for cute tripcodes"), but without reversing the output of johns code. example, i want to find something beginning with a certain 4-5 char prefix, like /^waha\W/i ... which is just 32 different prefixes after all, upper-and-lowercase combinations for the four letters plus . or / behind it. at the same time, those 5 chars are 30bit worth of target, 5bit (32 strings) of which are considered "hits". so, i mongled the matching code in a way that allows it to just match prefixes, and handed it a list of those 32 possible prefixes i might like as targets. plus "random starting point of 8 char length" as input.

assuming an even distribution, the 30-5 bit suggest i should find a solution about every 33.5 million attempts. here output from a run of ~350 Million tries:

4brute using 'John 1.6.38 / 64/64 BS MMX'
Starting search from "sG+ym_8u"
Limit set to: 350000000
Searching through (randomised): ucWZXdw(P]Eb2gC_I7[/Q3MFKS$G`N}yql0jTm!Yz +UJa#5r89eh*D-:Ais)fOHtBRpvL.1x{k6V4no
Number of users scanned: 32

"WahA.DY8KI" == Gx "3Gxwm_8u" for WahA.aaaaa
"wAha.RNmpE" == .. "_}!Qu_8u" for wAha.aaaaa
"WaHA/D5Jq." == cY "j]Y0u_8u" for WaHA/aaaaa
"wAHA/GeRU." == R8 "NR8vu_8u" for wAHA/aaaaa
"WahA.7NzhI" == 9d "w9d{u_8u" for WahA.aaaaa
"WaHA/GE/Ng" == MU "hMU3c_8u" for WaHA/aaaaa
"WAhA.S/aOs" == bO "AbOac_8u" for WAhA.aaaaa
"wAHa/HPJco" == GC "KGC8c_8u" for wAHa/aaaaa
"WAhA.EyH8c" == l2 "ll2jX_8u" for WAhA.aaaaa
"WAhA/5Fmuw" == hC "+hCWd_8u" for WAhA/aaaaa
"Waha.D1AzY" == .M "G-MWd_8u" for Waha.aaaaa
"WAhA.2piT6" == K9 "LK9_d_8u" for WAhA.aaaaa
"WaHa/0qPHI" == xl "hxl7w_8u" for WaHa/aaaaa
"wAHA.jhgAw" == .x "x-xF(_8u" for wAHA.aaaaa

Exiting after 350059520 crypt, 14 inner, 4267664 salts, 14 found
'John 1.6.38 / 64/64 BS MMX' => Real: 1513s, 231kcps
'John 1.6.38 / 64/64 BS MMX' => Virt: 1308s, 267kcps

so, 25 minutes for finding 14 solutions. the 14 here is above average, i had other runs that coughed up only 8 hits in 350M tries. this run was on my trusty duron900 again, and as the difference between the "real" and "virtual" time indicates, 4brute only got about 85% of the cpu during the time.

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