Uh... So this is the new experimental version of TiddlyWiki where I re-wrote a whole lot of code just because. Well, and to make it accessible to people who don't have JavaScript turned on.

Some more ideas: Links without WikiCasing, more stuff on the server side for tracking changes, searching...

Use the SandBox for testing.


StartHere, NewFeatures, BugFixes

Anything referenced in here will get opened on load.


An exciting experiment in useless rewriting


A -Sun Microsystems- Netscape programming language. Used for creating interactive content online.


  • search?
  • make sidebar tiddlers appear on the bottom?
  • server side features

    • change tracking
    • quick restores
    • &c


To link to something in a simple wiki by typing a word with two letters capitalized.

TiddlyWiki is a link
Tiddlywiki is not

Wakachan is not a link
WakachaN is.


IE should work better in this version. Report problems on different browsers. I'm developing on Firefox and haven't tested too much on others. More obsucre browsers will probably have problems with the XMLHttpRequest stuff.

Bugreports are best submitted to the thread on the support board:


Some Stuff Is Here?

I don't know.


New in this version!:

  • Sidebar modes (Show all, Show timeline, and the "references" link on tiddlers)
  • Slightly rearranged toolbar.
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Somewhat buggy date handling

New in the previous version:

  • WakabaMark (probably still buggy, especially the reverse parser used when you click on edit).
  • Names and tripcodes (note the Set user name link up on the right).
  • BugFixes
  • Blarg?


WakabaMark is a very simple markup code for doing simple formatting of posts. It's designed to be intuitive to use, and look good even when not parsed. It is heavily inspired by MarkDown.
The basic features are as follows:

  • Surround text with * or _ to make <em> tags. _Like this_ or *like this*. This makes the text italic.
  • Surround text with ** or __ to make <strong> tags. This makes the text bold.
  • Make an unordered HTML list by beginning each line with *, `or -`. Like this list you are reading right now. You can add line breaks in list entries by breaking the line and indenting the next line with one or more spaces.
  • Make ordered HTML lists by beginning the first line with "1.", and the following lines with further numbers. It actually doesn't matter what numbers you use, as long as the first one is 1.
  • undefined
  • Make <blockquote> sections by beginning each line with ">".
  • undefined
  • Make <code> sections by indenting each line by four spaces or one tab. Code sections get shown in a monospaced font, and are not otherwise formatted.
  • undefined
  • Make short spans of code in normal text by enclosing the code in backticks, like so . To display code that contains backticks, use several backticks to surround it, like so .

Do not leave empty lines in the middle of lists or quoted blocks, as this turns them into separate blocks.


It makes me wanna LA LA! -- AshleeSimpson

Lol Internet


Hey, why does no one else use spaces in the names?

Because there's (currently) no way to make links to them.

CamelCase is evil. >:(


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